Xujiayao hominid has the biggest known brain of the time
4,500 years ago, a mysterious hybrid equine was likely for used for warfare
The Omo 1 remains are at least 36,000 years older than once thought
Over a 27,000 year time period, eggshell beads barely changed and a sudden stylist shift is likely due to climate change separating cultures and trade…
The Neumark-Nord site in Germany shows us that Neanderthals occupied this lakeside site for over 2,000 years ago and molded it from a lush forest into…
The grave of Neve, a baby infant girl, who died 10,000 years ago reflects how beloved she was to her community
A 13,100-year-old dog tooth from a cave site in Haida Gwaii is the earliest evidence of dog domestication in the Americas to date
A 41,500-year-old artifact is Eurasia’s oldest human-decorated jewelry
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