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Archaeologists have unearthed ancient sandals buried in a bat cave dating back 6000 years

A Glimpse into Ancient Ingenuity: Half-Million-Year-Old Wooden Structure Unearthed in Zambia

Genetic Predisposition: Neanderthal Genes Linked to Severe COVID-19

Unearthing Economic Inequality: Aztec Rulers' Exploitative Legacy in Pre-Columbian Mexico

Prehistoric Hominin Remains Sent to the Edge of Space: A Controversial Debate

Study Reveals Deliberate Crafting of Stone Spheres by Early Human Ancestors 1.4 Million Years Ago

What Sets Humans Apart: The Unique Ability to Remember Order

Ancestors of Modern Humans Faced Near-Extinction Event 900,000 Years Ago, Study Reveals

Reevaluating Neanderthal Flower Burial Theory: New Study Raises Questions

Unveiling Neanderthal and Denisovan Peptides with Antibiotic Potential through Molecular De-Extinction

Discovery of a 300,000-Year-Old Giant Handaxe Sheds Light on Ice Age Technology

Unveiling the Artistic Side of Neanderthals: A Glimpse into Their Creative Expression

Exploring the Rich History within Borneo's Cave Art: Tracing Colonization Resistance and Human Dynamics

Unveiling the Origins of Indo-European Languages Through a Novel Database

Unlocking the Genetic Enigma of a Bronze Age Family: A Chronicle of Paleogenetic Exploration

Significant Contribution of Ice Age Cycles to Early Human Interbreeding

The Frigid Epoch that Shaped Europe: Extreme Ice Age Linked to Disappearance of Earliest Humans

Renowned Alpine Iceman, Ötzi, from 5,300 years ago was balding with dark eyes and skin

2,000-Year-Old Curry Found in Southeast Asia

Ancient Aboriginal Oral Traditions Illuminate Australia's Coastal History

Frozen in Time: Unveiling the Chilling Tale of Europe's Early Human Extinction

Insight into Early Farmers' Burial Practices from an Ancient Child's Necklace

A Human Lineage Discovered in China's Fossil Record?

Unveiling Ancestral Enigma: New Bone Discovery Suggests Previously Unknown Homo sapiens Lineage

Machu Picchu's Fascinating Genetic Tapestry

Unraveling 300,000 Year Old Ancient Footprints

Curry's Enduring Allure: A Culinary Journey through Millennia

Unveiling Prehistoric Social Relationships

New Insights into the Origin of the Indo-European Languages

A 39,600 Year Old Bone Fragment Indicates Humans Were Making Leather Clothes

New research sheds light on the diversity of Neanderthal hunting practices

Hunter-gatherer genes helped early European farmers fight disease, a new study has revealed

A detailed look at the genetic makeup of ethnic groups within African countries reveals a complex pattern of genetic variation and a long history of intermixing

125,000 years ago, Neanderthals were hunting straight-tusked elephants

A New Study Demonstrates Swahili and Persians Were Pairing Up 1,000 Years Ago

New research challenges the long-held belief that horses were introduced to the American West by Europeans

Ancient humans were eating giant land snails as far back as 170,000 years ago

Evidence of drug use during Bronze Age ritual ceremonies has been discovered in Europe for the first time

Footprints found in New Mexico suggest that humans may have arrived in the Americas earlier than previously thought.

Gender Bias Represented in Teeth

More African Genomes are Being Sequenced to Increase the Diversity of Genomic Data

Bronze Age Bone Ice Skates Found in China

In Europe, Steel Was Being Forged & Used 2,900 Years Ago

The First Traces of Horseback Riders Were "Eastern Cowboys"

European Prehistory Is Rewritten By Ancient DNA

Iran May Have Served As A Meeting Ground For Neanderthals, Denisovans, And Modern Humans

Archery Introduced to Europe by Homo sapiens 54,000 Years Ago

The Discovery of Mayan "Superhighways"

Neanderthals Were Mixing Tar 200,000 Years Ago

A Tale of Early Stone Tool Use By Paranthropus

The Bering Land Bridge Was Accessible Only During Two Short Periods of Time

Massive Elephants Were Hunted By Neanderthals

Neanderthals Consumed a lot of Crabs 90,000 Years Ago

Native Americans Were Mining Copper 6,000 Years Ago

New Ancient DNA Discoveries Show Native Americans Returned to Siberia

The Average Age at Conception for Men & Women Over the Past 250,000 Years

Brains of Neanderthal & Human Share A Startlingly "Youthful" Characteristic

How A New "Junk DNA" Gene In Humans Caused Us To Have Larger Brains

Scandinavia's 2,000-year Genetic History Explains the Viking Era to the Present

Mayans Employed Market-Based Economics

Cave Art Made By Ice Age Hunters Were To Chart Animal Life Cycles

During the Previous Ice Age, the Bering Land Bridge Formed Surprisingly Late