A discovery of gene flow and migration paints a realistic but complicated prehistory of northern Asia and the peopling of the Americas following the…
The age gap between mothers and fathers has narrowed over the course of human evolution, according to evolutionary biologists.
Particularly, strong cerebral cortical integration into maturity is a shared trait between humans and Neanderthals.
To story of a long non-coding RNA that began generating a helpful protein.
The Viking Era to the Present: A 2,000-year Genetic History of Scandinavia
Maya people traded products for more than 500 years in the highlands of central Guatemala, with little interference from their kings.
The significance of Ice Age drawings was decoded and as a result, evidence of early writing that predates prior estimates by 14,000 years
Scientists have reconstructed the sea level history of the Bering Strait and discovered that it was flooded up until around 35,700 years ago, just…

December 2022

Projectile points that are thousands of years older than any previously discovered in the Americas have been discovered by archaeologists in Idaho
Almost 1,000 Maya settlement with pyramids and ball courts were discovered in a recent investigation, which dates back more than 2,000 years.
Pottery-making was widely disseminated by hunter-gatherer social relations.
Tiny flint chips that were dropped by prehistoric people 300,000 years ago when they honed their cutting tools now show how early humans treated wood.