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Researchers Find the Oldest Projectile Points Ever Found in the Americas

Archaeologists in Guatemala Discover a Vast Lost Mayan Civilizations with LiDAR

The dissemination of ceramic technology among hunter-gatherers in prehistoric Europe

Small Flakes Reveal Evidence of Tool Use From 300,000 Years Ago

When Did Humans Initially Begin to Speak?

450,000 Years Ago Ancient Humans Sailed The Mediterranean

A Complicated Tale: The Ancient Indigenous People's Migration to South America

Copper Age Children's Toys Were Owl-Shaped Plaques

A million-year-old Homo erectus skull may have been found in China

Researchers Find 80,000 Year Old Bone Tools

70,000 Years Ago, Neanderthals Prepared Elaborate Meals

The Change in Pre-Historic Eating Habits

Languages & Genes Aren't Often Found Together

The Ancient Mayan Gift of a Spider Monkey

The Oldest Sentence Written In World's First Alphabet

Hominin Footprints Discovered at Matalascañas in 2020 are 200,000 years older Than Originally Thought

Cat Domestication in Central Europe

The Earliest Evidence of Cooking Food

Neolithic European Farmers Use of Milk 7,400 Years Ago

Ancient South Americans Have Neanderthal & Denisovan DNA

Many Ancient Artists of Prehistoric Paintings Were Kids

Two Separate Paleolithic Populations Are Revealed By The UK's Oldest Human DNA

The Utilization of Resources to Help Early Greenlanders Survive

First Neanderthal Family

Zinc Isotope Evidence Of Carnivorous Neanderthals

Neolithic Social Networks By Way Of Obsidian Blades

Humans Are Apex Predators For The Last Two Million Years

In Europe, Neanderthals & Humans Coexisted For Around 3,000 Years

Human's Extended Childhoods May Be Related To Our Ability To Obtain Food

Victims of Mayan Sacrifice Discovered with Enigmatic Blue String Between Their Mouths

A 6,000-Year-Old Skull Discovered In Taiwan May Support The Legend Of An Indigenous Tribe

Ancient English 8,200 Year Old Footprints

Svante Pääbo Awarded Nobel Prize

European Interaction with Pacific Islands had a Significant Impact

A 100,000 Year Old 'High-tech' Glue

A Nearly One Million Year Old Fossilized Human from the Hubei Province, Central China

Artificial Islands Surrounding the British Isles Were Utilized for Gatherings

What's Up with 1,500 Year Old Unknown Pyramids in Mexico?

10,000 Year Old Baby Carrier

Risky Mercury Contamination Found in Ancient Maya Cities

7,000-year-old Structure Near Prague is Older than Stonehenge, Egyptian Pyramids

Early opium usage may have been a "gift to the gods," according to earliest traces discovered in Israel

Cave Divers Near Tulum Find An 8,000-year-old Human Remains

Nearly 13,000 years ago, Humans May Have Begun Caring for Animals

Did the World's First Civilization Start in Mesopotamia or Somewhere Else?

New Information on the Development of the Hominid Cranium is Revealed by Paleoanthropologists

Kirkhellaren Cave On Sanna In Træna Has Been Used As A Gathering Place By Humans For At Least 10,000 Years

Who Domesticated Who?

Donkey Domestication Occurred 7,000 Years Ago

Early Human Tooth dating to 1.8 million years ago Discovered in Georgia

One Gene Results in Major Differences Between Neanderthals & Modern Humans Brain Development

Uncovering Neolithic Culinary Traditions

A Prehistoric Amputation in Borneo Occurred 31,000 Years Ago

What the Fossil Record Reveals About Early Human Hybridization

Massive Evidence of Prehistoric Hunting Throughout the Arabian Desert

One Of The Oldest Neanderthal Archaeological Locations Has Been Discovered At A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Similar Faces have Similar DNA

A History of the Southern Arc through the Sequence of 777 Ancient Human Genomes

Bipedal Sahelanthropus tchadensis

Ancient Skull Research Provides New Information on Human-Neanderthal Cross-Breeding

The Genetic Evolution of the Human Pelvis

Ancient Skeleton DNA Reveals More Information on Previously Unknown Humans

Kalahari Desert Was Home to Ancient Humans More Than 20,000 Years Ago

Linguistic Research Implies Austronesian Expanse Originated with Eastern Taiwanese People

Ancestors of Native Americans Came From Southern China

A Less Complex Larynx Lead Way To Human Speech

Neanderthals' Brains Evolved Differently Than Those of Modern Humans

The Bantu Expansion Traveled Across the Rain Forest

Gibraltar's 40,000-Year-Old Neanderthal Cave

No, the Human Brain has not shrunk

12,000 Year Old Human Footprints Discovered in Utah Desert

In the last 160,000 years, the shape of the human brain has barely changed

Humans Arrived in North America 37,000 Years Ago

Identifying Lapita Culture In Papua New Guinea

Magdalenian Art Animated By Firelight

The Effect of Climate on the Evolution of Homo

Several Expansion Events From A Out of Africa Hub Peopled Europe, Asia And The World

The Archaeological Record of Iberian Neanderthal Extinction

The Earliest Evidence of Ear Surgery

A Unified Genealogy of 3,609 Humans

Oldest Human DNA from Africa Illuminates Complex Migrations

Earliest Modern Humans In Europe

An Early Pleistocene Hominin in Israel

The Largest Late Middle Pleistocene Brain

The Kunga Is The Oldest Hybrid Bred By Humans

The Oldest Homo sapiens in East Africa